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Imperial Mechanical Service is an authorized dealer of air intake filters which are manufactured By:
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Finally, there's a solution to the seasonal cottonwood that plagues certain geographic areas, as well as dirt and debris that finds its way into air conditioning equipment. Properly fitted cottonwood screens will prevent plugged condenser coils on air conditioning equipment, clogged strainer screens in cooling tower pumps and reduce air filter changes in fresh air intakes. Installing screens will restore equipment efficiency and save money.
Cottonwood screens will reduce downtime and maintenance costs, while increasing efficiency, reliability and decreasing labor.

Contact Imperial Mechanical Service for more information regarding cottonwood screens or to set up an appointment for a free estimate. 

All screens are custom made to order for many applications, including residential.  Lead time is typically 2 weeks once order is placed. 

Cottonwood screens are easy to clean.  Debris wipes off with a broom, vacuum or rinses off with water unlike conventional screen material.
They have a non-stick vinyl coating, are UV rated and have a 5-15 year service life.

There are several different mounting options, which include quick release fasteners requiring no tools to remove.  Additional styles offer cable and pulley operated collapsing screens for large cooling towers to allow for simple seasonal deployment or removal.  Screens can be fitted to a variety of equipment types. 

Cottenwood screens are available in several different grades depending on application (medium, standard, heavy commercial, industrial, etc.).  There are also dual ply screens for heavy debris loads and fine mesh screens for fine debris and dusty areas.  Please contact us for more info.


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Cottonwood Screens Save Time and Money