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Maximizing Value in Commercial HVACR Service


Imperial Mechanical Service is your one stop shop for all your HVACR service and maintenance needs.  Proper diagnosis is the key to a proper repair.  Diagnosing system issues is our specialty.  This leads to maximum equipment efficiency, reliability and life expectancy... all at a reasonable price.

There are a lot of different systems out there in a wide variety of industries.  Knowing how to identify a given design and how it needs to be operating is paramount to understanding any equipment issue; especially those that are recurring.  Imperial Mechanical Service is well versed in a variety of equipment; including basic rooftop packaged air conditioners, chillers, boilers, refrigeration, pumps, hydronic systems, air compressors and everything in between.  The problems that never seem to be resolved are the ones we enjoy tackling the most!  We have the resources to resolve your problems at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.  We are a smaller company and simply do not have the overhead.  We don't have a large staff of salesman and we don't advertise.  Imperial Mechanical Service is your low cost solution to the high priced alternatives.

We offer flexible maintenance programs to suit any budget.  We have low non-contract rates so that we may appeal to any facility.  We pride ourselves on communication and enjoy working along side engineers, facility directors, property managers and even our competitors.  This allows us to solve problems quickly and efficiently for our customers.

If you are having issues at your facility, would like to know about our maintenance programs, or would just like a second opinion, we would love to hear from you.
  If your facility is experiencing cottonwood or debris plugging coils, filters or other equipment, let us know.  Please visit our cottonwood screens page for more information